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Our Research

The Neurobiology of Social Communication Lab investigates the neural underpinnings of complex traits that enable humans and other species to communicate socially, such as speech and dance.

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Neurobiology of speech

  • Which are the neural pathways underlying speech/spoken language in humans?

  • Which are the neural pathways that subserve speech/spoken language learning in humans?

Neurobiology and genetics of dance

  • Which are the neural pathways underlying dance and dance learning in humans, a complex motor behavior characterized by our ability to spontaneously entrain to rhythm?

  • Are these pathways associated with the brain pathways that control speech? 

  • Are there signatures in our genomes associated with proficient dance performance?

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Speech and dance therapy

  • How can we use our knowledge on the neurobiology of speech and dance to propose and test treatments for deficits that include social communication impairments?


We employ a multi-disciplinary approach to understand the neurobiology and underlying genetics of behaviors underlying social communication, such as speech and dance.

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