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Public Media

Dance magazine: What Neuroaesthetics, a New Field of Research, Can Tell Us About What Dance Does to Our Brains and Bodies

Scientific American: Male Songbirds Need Daily Vocal Practice to Woo Females

Spectrum news: 31 Women making a mark on autism research


Nature Methods (News): Method of the year: long-read sequencing

New York University-Center for the Ballet and the Arts 2022 Issue: Fellowship project

Spectrum News: Interview

Science on the Subway-Columbia University: Interview

Science Daily: What oxytocin can tell us about the evolution of human prosociality

Neuroscience News: What oxytocin can tell us about the evolution of human prosociality

Rockefeller University: A case for simplifying gene nomenclature across different organisms


Nature: The Vertebrate Genomes Project

Forbes: 30 Under 30 2021 List - Science & Healthcare 

Science: Can these birds explain how language first evolved? 

Science: These docile foxes may hold some of the genetic keys to domestication 

Science: Researchers reboot ambitious effort to sequence all vertebrate genomes, but challenges loom 


New scientist: The tamed ape: were humans the first animal to be domesticated?


Spectrum News: Blocking oxytocin causes birds to sing solitary tunes Did humans domesticate themselves?  

Science News: How humans (maybe) domesticated themselves 

ScienceDaily: Did humans domesticate themselves?

Quanta magazine: In Birds’ Songs, Brains and Genes, He Finds Clues to Speech 

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